Idle Class Debris

by Frazer King

  • Cassette + Digital Album

    Fourteen tracks of musical detritus and apathetic laments for the discerning waster on high quality audio cassette with downloads.

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Where we live within our means tested dreams and shame the working ethic of the unemployment schemes - We're the Idle Class Debris...dispose of accordingly.

Side A:
Abstract Talking
Eunuch Growl
Dying Rose
Tired of Being Herself
Five Gold Earrings
Mother Mary

Side B:
Glorified Hymn
Rocking the Cradle
War Song
The Man You Could Not Trust
Military Wives
Ghoulish Dream


released November 9, 2012

'Badmantown' remixed by Neko Neko.

Steve (Perksy) Lyons appears courtesy of the ACC (Association of Conservative Clubs).

Granny Jill appears courtesy of St. John's parish on 'Five Gold Earings' (joanna and vox) and 'Tired of Being Herself' (harpsichord).

Ste the Punk (Steve Shy) appears on behalf of Stroke Club forever championing the Manchester Underbelly.

'Twat' is the poem 'Twat' by John Cooper Clarke sang to heavenly ukelele (expertly played by Alex 'King Soloman' Solo).

'Ghoulish Dream' lyrics and first verse of 'Mother Mary' written by Andy 'Ron Mael' Livanis.

All other lyrics and all music written by Frazer King and the vibrating cosmos.

Skits reproduced by unkind permission from Greater Manchester Police.

Compiled, with a minimum amount of neurosis, by Andy Semi.


all rights reserved



Frazer King Manchester, UK

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Track Name: Abstract Talking
(All heed, hear ye, all heed, hear ye)
I’ve got something to say…

In the breeding ground for the mentally sound
Where they never quite learn how to dumb themselves down
To describe it in a more attractive way
Well they’re making a point and it’s taking them days

They’re not the first to know

Their aim in life is to be a patron of Joyce
With an air of reluctance their topic of choice
Talking tirelessly lest they’re asked the solution
Picking out quotes they think won’t reveal but conceal them

They’re not the first to know

Not even the second or third
Haven’t you heard
the classic collection on audio tape?
Highbrow tell me - how do you relate?

When Mount Olympus Neo’s discuss poetry in prose
Can distinguish a Sunflower from Van Gough’s
A Talisman sells the virtue of wisdom
For arguments sake they can justify their existence

They’re not the first to know

For the avoidance of being ignorant
Why don’t you call your spade an implement
If you’d like to say a lot more than what you know
Chances are you’ve gained an opinion lost a mind of your own

You’re not the first to know

You’ve mastered the art of critique
Exuding mystique
Burning up brightly in the midst of the clique
Highbrow tell me please elaborate

(All heed, hear ye, all heed, hear ye)
I’ve got nothing to say…

When I left the cave I came back mute
My platonic friend said I was not astute

He said…that I was an abstract talker.
Track Name: Eunuch Growl
I must remember to write down what they said
Build a fire in my belly then I’ll burn all the books that I’ve read
Throw away my T.V. and amend my C.V. to say;
This page is full of lies and I can start right away

But I may observe a learning curve if I revive myself with wine
And then I’ll know which way to go along a curvature of spine
Eunuch growl and the shudders of love

It might not lead to the mindful wisdom of age
Or the diatribe of the dead so said the stoic sage;
Don’t look up or you’ll get stuck inside your man made cage

So few solutions to choose resolutions to evoke
What a dismal affair to walk on air and not touch the ground till provoked
Eunuch growl and the shudders of love

Imbibed with glory and a satisfied story to trade of the little we’ve done
Still hanging around politely for me
If I could rely on myself then I would
But I’m glued to fail like a gate to a rail unhinged and rusting down
And when expired youthful zeal begins to lose its mass appeal
You can confide in the Eunuch growl
Track Name: Dying Rose
She maybe 6.2 in her stiletto shoe
But she’s only 1.4 when she’s crawling on the floor
She’s 3.3. when she’s on her knees
Begging for forgiveness clutching rosary beads

I shook her helping hand
It embraced me with a fist
L.U.V. woz here with me
Tattooed on the wrist

Sky is red and the moon is full
World will end when the morning comes
Sun come up and let the truth be told
I touched the thorn of a dying rose
Track Name: Tired of Being Herself
His neck stoops down and moves in for the kill
She truly believes that time has stopped still
Behind her glazed eyes there is nothing but hope

Then she grew so tired of being herself

Now that she’s free all she wants is a crutch
An easier life set in stone
Free from all hassle no struggle or strife
Where she’ll be far from alone
Perhaps she’ll stop the ebbing of tears
From all of those long lost years

When she grew so tired of being herself

She won’t know what to do
She tried to find a place to hide
Inside a man there’s few
I won’t know what to do
I left her for the foolish life
And now I’m tired too

Her crutch will leave her standing
Alone and more demanding
With a hollow void
In her picture frame to fill
Until another neck stoops down
And moves in for the kill
Track Name: Five Gold Earrings
There’s weightlifting in Woodhouse Park starting with 10oz
Shot putting in Peel Hall if you take your chances
Odds of Baguley bookies being robbed are 2-1
From Crossacres to Benchill, 800m run

Obstacles from pub to pub when the offy’s are all closed
Struck down with a baton by a policeman in plain clothes
Although I must admit that I have never seen a pig
Flying on a BMX and asking for a cig

Five Gold Earrings shining bright!
The Wythenshawe Games, ignite the light
Wythenshawe Park an Olympic story
Public cuts without the glory
Five Gold Earrings shining bright

In the beating heart of Argos
A civic centre universe
Never been to Mount Olympus
But we’re not yet in a hearse
In our wisdom we can say the Gods are acting flash
‘Cos we’ve seen bigger muscles down at the Mountain Ash
Track Name: Mother Mary
I own a bank on Rockefeller row, a man came to see me he wore no clothes
Apart from Satre aftershave and a pair of Jimmy Nail-skin shoes

I hid behind my water dispenser hoping he wouldn’t stay
But then he took a polystyrene cup and drained the water away

Then he said;
Mother Mary don’t let me go

I tried to run from his vacant stare but I tripped on my laces and fell down the stairs
He slipped me a note on which he’d wrote;
This machine does not give change
He was not viable for a loan said his credit history
Although I ran so far from Rockefeller row
I can always hear him in my head saying;

Mother Mary don’t let me go

Till the curtains close I’m waiting
To understand the depths you dwell
I held my breath then in I fell

Mother Mary don’t let me go
‘Cos I’m sinking fast
Track Name: Glorified Hymn
We’re treading the boardwalk of tedium
Heart-warming pastiche is our medium
Theatrical sigh –
Won’t you give us a try?

If all that you hear is quotation
We’re proof of a similar nation
Where the crowd shuffles in
Singing the words to a glorified hymn
Track Name: Rocking the Cradle
The slave master has named a price
To build a pyramid to paradise
The cost of freedom in it’s dying days?
Deduct a lifetime from the yearly wage

Buried heads in shifting sands
Your throats are hot with air
The hour glass has emptied
How many swan songs will it take
To be the first to leave the lake
The waiting line is overcrowded
(with shadow boxing martyrs)

The whip will back your worthy cause
Until the people break the looting clause
And when the Nile runs red as it was feared
Like rats, the slave drivers will disappear

They’re rocking the cradle
Track Name: The man you could not trust
The love child of a soldier and a Northern girl
He saw the world as his playground
He used, abused, borrowed and begged
Stole and lied his way into bed all over town
His reputation passed expectation; he soon performed across the nation
Without much hesitation
He danced around waved it about till it got big
The women passed out in sweet elation

Take you down to the barnyard, you’ll be my sheep
Go fetch my soapbox girl, gonna earn your keep

He joined the army then far away met a girl who came
back home to stay at his house, the army kicked him out
He departed in shame gave her the blame,
Things weren’t quite the same ever again and now she wanted out
Four children later she got her wish, he left without a note or kiss goodbye,
He left his pride
‘I’m left alone in this foreign land, this is not what I had planned’
She sighed, then got on with life

What happened next?
You wouldn’t have guessed
He put the rope around his neck
Kicked the chair and swung his leg

On 17th June the man fell down as he cried and then he died
He left behind a trail of hungry children and lonely wives whom he’d despised
In every town across the land a mistress sheds tears of lust, salt on the busts
Which used to give such comfort to the lonely man you could not trust
Track Name: Military Wives
Don't you dare ask us why
We don't go to war with our pride
Ours is only to wave flags and cry;
Fool Britannia with military wives

We read and respond to the media threat
There's a lot of trusted information that we choose to forget
When our husbands are on the front line facing threats
Then returning back home with mistakes and regrets

So we wait here patiently
Hoping one day that are heroes will fly

Protecting our land
Behind borders drawn in the sand
We're supporting our boys for their bravery
And of their brave actions we speak

We won't go to war with our pride
Ours is only to wave flags and cry;
Fool Britannia with military wives

Our husbands protect Queen and country's interests
They're the patriotic delegation who deal with the rest
Of the world, and their methods we cannot contest
It's our dutiful duty to hope for the best

So we wait here patiently
Hoping one day that our heroes will fly

Protecting our land
Behind borders drawn in the sand
We're supporting our boys for their bravery

And not for the actions
That keep well within the law
Of protest we do deplore
Ungrateful civilian you don't know you're born

We're taking a stand
To support a cause we understand
We're singing a song of bravery
For financial transactions

Fool Brittania...why?
Track Name: Ghoulish Dream
How scary the monsters when they go la la la in the middle of the night

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